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 dancy1.gif (289 byte) Trieste Guitar Trio

Doriano Canalaz, Fabio Cascioli, Giulio Chiandetti - guitars

dancy1.gif (289 byte) Viozzi Guitar Duo

Fabio Cascioli,  Giulio Chiandetti -  guitars

 dancy1.gif (289 byte) "Aranjuez " for guitar and piano

Giulio Chiandetti, guitar - Luisa Scattarregia, piano

dancy1.gif (289 byte) Duo Picotti-Chiandetti

Stefano Picotti, violino - Giulio Chiandetti, chitarra

dancy1.gif (289 byte) Enza Pecorari - soprano

Giulio Chiandetti - guitar

"English Love Songs"

J. Dowland (Songs), B. Britten (Folksongs), J. Duarte (Five Quiet Songs op.37) and
English Traditional Folksongs

for voice and guitar
J. Dowland "Come againe" voice and lute
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"Jomi, Jomi"

by Marco Sofianopulo

Hebrew and Yiddish Folksongs
for voice and guitar

Listen to: Der Rebbe (live/extract)


"Altissima Luce"

a Spiritual Concert

Laude from 13th and 14th Century

(Laudario di Cortona)

for Voice and Lute


Christmas Songs

for voice and guitar

Listen to: Joy to the World (live/extract)

dancy1.gif (289 byte) Veronica Vascotto - soprano

Giulio Chiandetti - guitar

"O Cara Armonia"

Lieder and Arias from the 19th Century

(by W.A. Mozart, F. Schubert and Italian Opera Composers)

for voice and guitar

"Mediterranean Waves"

(Onde mediterranee)

Federico Garcia Lorca's Folksongs and

Marco Sofianopulo's

Greek Folksongs (Samiotissa)

for voice and guitar

Listen to: Karagouna (extract)



dancy1.gif (289 byte) Ljudmila Scherbina -soprano

Giulio Chiandetti - guitar

"Ancient Russian Romances "

(Antiche Romanze russe)

for voice and guitar

(An extensive selection of Russian Songs from the 19th Century. The corresponding form of German Lied and French Mélodie)

Listen to: Waltz memories (live/extract)